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Restaurant elPassatge
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basic and premium wifi
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Free Basic Service - Powered by Kubiwireless

Available for all our guests

By courtesy of this hotel you can enjoy a free Web Browsing service at some common areas of this hotel (Lobby, Restaurant, Bar and Terrace). Free service is limited in time and speed.
This product requires activation*

* ¿Why do I need to activate my code?
The SMS allows us to identify all connections made from a public access (such as hotels, airports, etc.) using the data of the person making these connections. Therefore, by avoiding anonymous connections, we prevent the networks from being used for criminal purposes.

No Cost: Sending and receiving text messages are free of charge
No advertising: Your phone number will not be used for advertising purposes
Security: This process is carried out for your security

Please, ask at reception desk about the validity areas of this product and its duration. If you don’t have mobile phone, ask reception about available alternatives.

Wi-Fi Premium Service - Powered by Kubiwireless

Maximum reliability, speed and performance on your Internet connection
• High Speed
• Advanced Functionalities: unlimited web browsing, e-mail clients, FTP, VPN, VoIP, etc.
• Mobility: user valid at this hotel and at any other hotspot of Kubi’s network except Fira de Barcelona and Feria de Madrid.

Also buy it on-line through the welcome page (credit card payment) or ask reception desk.

Connect with: KubiWireless
1. Make sure that Wi-Fi connection is enabled.
2. Connect to Kubi’s network (SSID: kubi).
3. Launch your browser and point to any web page (ie.
4. Service Welcome page will appear.
5. Click on buy button to obtain an on-line connection service.

Roaming Login
Please to connect use your user name and password and select your provider from the dropdown list or just  click your operator logo.

Rambla de Catalunya, 104
08008 · Barcelona, Spain
Tel.+34 935 500 600 · Reservations+34 93 492 2244
Book by calling: +34 93 492 22 44
Restaurant elPassatge: +34 935 500 606
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