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Sunday rice, Mediterranean tradition with your beloved one!

Sunday rice, Mediterranean tradition with your beloved one!

  • Sunday Rices / Paella - Restaurant el Passatge at Murmuri Hotel Barcelona

Every Sunday at noon, elPassatge Murmuri is the perfect place for you to gather, catch up and dine with your beloved one either it´s your family, friends or your love one. Hotel Murmuri Barcelona Mediterranean restaurant offers the most exclusive menu for you to enjoy and explore the taste of "rice" as it was chosen as the main ingredient especially on our Sunday rice menu.

Regarding the menu, there are a great selection of rice dishes made particularly from the our seasonal products and fresh ingredients. Each week, our chef Jordi Ureña would select different recipes following the purest Mediterranean tradition along with contemporary specialities guaranteed the freshness and high in quality of each dish. As a rice is introduced to be the main ingredient, here in elPassatge we serve from our traditional Barceloneta rice to Rossejats or even more sophisticated one where "sea and moutain" meets like, for example, salmon and creamy garlic, partridge and truffle, etc. Not only from Barcelona itself, but our ingredients and products are also from all over the coastline all the way to elPassatge del Murmuri restaurant.

What would be more perfect than gathering around with your beloved one and enjoying the food on lazy Sunday? Live your Sunday in a Mediterranean style!

After the meal, do not forget to share your happiness moment with us on Murmuri Hotel Barcelona, a 4 star hotel in Barcelona, social networks by posting a picture of your dining experience and using hashtag #murmuriexperience on your facebook, twitter or instagram and we would be happy to give you a shoutout. It´s time for you to shine like a rice, the star of our Sunday menu!